Hot Topic – Customer Journey Maps are gaining interest and attention

Customer journey mapping is a practice and popular search on google these days.  At CLEARGOALS, we must be sage in our knowledge of this tidbit as we have been espousing and promoting the technology and best practices for journey mapping for some time now.  With recent releases from IBM Watson marketing and the convergence of traditional database marketing, customer experience management and cognitive marketing, Journey Mapping is beginning to play a crucial role in many oragnizations large and small.

What is Customer Journey Mapping?

A customer journey map is a framework that enables you to improve your customer experience. It documents the customer experience through their perspective, helping you best understand how customers are interacting with you now and helps you identify areas for improvement moving forward.  Journey mapping is a tool companies use to help them see what their customers truly want – the real moment’s of truth and the ways in which customers go about achieving their needs.

Customers expect exceptional experiences and personalized service wherever and whenever they contact an organization. This has become more difficult to achieve as the variety of marketplace channels continues to grow. Brands must adopt a framework that provides insight into a constantly expanding view of customer behavior across channels and devices. This level of understanding is necessary to see which paths lead to successful business outcomes or where customers may be getting stuck along the way. Journey analysis provides a single view of the paths that customers travel, so marketing, sales and service teams can nimbly address customers’ issues in an integrated, cohesive way. Gaining a complete, cross-channel view of customer interactions can deliver profound business benefits for an organization—ranging from higher customer satisfaction, brand affinity and increased revenue to more effective customer acquisition and reduced operating costs.

A recent article on LinkedIn by Fabiana Pereira, MBA, PhD,  Digital Marketing, Loyalty, CRM Consultant at Brain Pulse caught our eye in how well it details the steps companies need to take in mapping out customer Journeys.

You can read her full article on LinkedIn Here