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IBM Tealeaf CX On Cloud: Creating Actionable Widgets

IBM Tealeaf CX On Cloud: The Scenario

Two archetypal users of IBM Tealeaf CX On Cloud are the developer and the strategist. The former might be using the tool to monitor, diagnose, and act on issues starting with the question, “is this web application functioning well?”, and the latter on the question of, “is this web application supporting the business well?” Tealeaf shines in part because it offers deep functionality to both of these users, as well as the ability to help them work together closely to take action to improve an ecommerce application. Let’s understand how we might do that with a single data visual.

A main focus for the IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience implementer in the course of returning value on Tealeaf is the concept of abandonment. Customers move some extent along the path to making a purchase and then go away. Why? What factors lead to this?

The implementer will create Tealeaf objects to track abandonment and then from these objects they will build reports (which are data visualizations) that give the developer and strategist user (among others in the organization) quick and actionable visibility to how to increase the value of the ecommerce application.

Create Actionable Tealeaf Widgets

Value generally increases as abandonments decrease.

The implementer might express this idea with a visualization that counts abandonment:

IBM Tealeaf CX On Cloud

Count of abandons broken out by day

If the user knew how many sessions customers were generating, this visualization would be somewhat useful, but this doesn’t go far enough. The user shouldn’t need to have that figure in their head. As shown (without any other information), this level of abandonment would be amazing if there were 200,000 sessions per day, but not so great at 3,000 sessions per day. It’s more useful to see a ratio of abandonment to sessions:

IBM Tealeaf CX On Cloud

Ratio of abandons:sessions broken out by day

This widget now offers the user a quicker insight into how the ecommerce application is doing in terms of total abandon rate each day: ~40%. That could be improved. How could this visual be made even more actionable for both the developer and strategist user? What if we added a breakout by browser type?

IBM Tealeaf CX On Cloud
Cooking with gas: abandons:sessions broken out by browser, by day

The user gets quick and very actionable insight: the ecommerce application is performing much better in terms of abandons per session on certain browsers and is having problems on others: the disparity between browser performance on this metric ranges between 3% and almost 60%. Is a UI element containing a new deal loading in certain browsers but not others? Is the demographic who uses a certain browser less likely to buy? Both the developer and strategist are now in a position to click through this widget into meaningful subsets of data to find answers to these questions.  

This is an example of an IBM Tealeaf CX On Cloud widget that both the developer and strategist user can use as a jumping off point to investigate cohorts of user sessions and recover value that is being left on the table.

Previously, I wrote about server side privacy considerations during the IBM Tealeaf CX On Cloud implementation process.

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