CLEARGOALS provides consulting, implementation and integration services for Allocadia, a leading, cloud-based budgeting, planning and performance management solution built to streamline your marketing operating.  CLEARGOALS has partnered with Allocadia because of their commitment and deep integration to IBM Marketing Cloud and their membership in IBM UBX (Universal Behavior Exchange).

In 2015, IBM selected Allocadia to power the budgeting and revenue planning component of the IBM Marketing Cloud. The combined solution gives marketers a single integrated platform where they can build their marketing plans, execute targeted customer experiences, manage investments, and track results across the entire buyer journey.  The recently announced IBM Marketing Cloud offering helps marketers create and refine a system of customer engagement through planning, designing, building, listening and optimizing. Allocadia is the core engine behind the budgeting and planning elements of the framework and also supports the optimize function, helping marketers make informed decisions based on actual investment returns.

About the Solution

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Marketing Planning

Allocadia makes your organization’s marketing planning process more efficient and more strategic. Create, collaborate and share marketing plans that align with your company’s priorities. Forecast the ROI from your plans and predict their revenue impact.

Marketing Budgeting

Bring your marketing budgets into the cloud. Marketing teams of any size can collaborate to create and manage global budgets in any currency without cumbersome, error-prone spreadsheets. Take the pain out of daily marketing spend management.

Performance Management

Allocadia gives marketing leaders complete visibility into their marketing performance. The solution integrates with CRM, finance, and marketing technology systems and offers powerful analytics, so CMOs can get quick and accurate insights into any aspect of marketing — from plans all the way through to revenue.

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