IBM Interact

IBM Interact, formerly Unica Interact, helps marketers enhance customer experiences by delivering relevant and personalized messages where and when the customer engages your brand. This powerful real-time interaction management solution uses current behavior, historical profile data, marketer defined rules and logic, and cognitive self-learning to provide the optimal communication during customer interactions. Marketers can achieve more meaningful customer interactions by orchestrating and automating personalized, omni-channel marketing strategies across inbound touchpoints, including websites, mobile, call centers and kiosks.

CLEARGOALS is one North America’s leading consulting firms for IBM Interact.  We have worked closely with IBM on some of the largest implementations of IBM Interact in North America.

IBM Interact uses powerful, behavioral targeting analytics and marketer-defined business logic to deliver the optimal marketing message in each case:

  • Easily define strategies for interacting with customers and prospects, and modify and understand the impact of changes with highly manageable, real-time “decisioning” logic.
  • Build insight over time and help determine the best offer or message to present to customers and prospects through self-learning and arbitration.
  • Provide an uncomplicated and intuitive user experience to each person involved in the inbound marketing process with role-based user interfaces (UIs): separate user interfaces for marketers, technical analysts and operational managers of interactive channels.
  • Integrate IBM Interact easily with digital properties such as websites for personalization, behavioral targeting and social sharing of website messages using a simple JavaScript page tag.

Customers leverage this powerful set of tools in a variety of ways

Define optimal strategies

  • Customize successful targeted marketing strategies across customer touchpoints, including website, mobile, call center, kiosk, point of sale and ATM.
  • Offer personalization based on behavior during the visit and within the context of previous events.
  • Use segmentation logic, marketing rules and customizable algorithms to automate effective real-time personalization.
  • Tag properties once; no need to retag as designs, strategies or campaigns change.
  • Increase response and conversion rates, cross-sell transactions and customer retention by improving relevancy and communicating in the customer’s channel of preference.

Extend inbound marketing interactions

  • Connect and coordinate inbound marketing with outbound campaigns on the same platform.
  • Triggered message capabilities allow the offer to be delivered to a different outbound channel than the inbound channel where the trigger was initiated.
  • Sending outbound offers can be triggered by predefined events, patterns or offer criteria.
  • Sending outbound offers can be in real time as the trigger occurs or set with a delayed interval.
  • Increase the value of inbound interactions by making them more relevant.

Utilize multiple data sources and cognitive self-learning

  • Provide a cognitive self-learning engine that leverages profile, contextual and behavioral data to optimize offer delivery over time.
  • Offer configurable self-learning and arbitration to deliver real-time personalized messaging within context.
  • Present offers to unknown visitors based on their behavior during the visit and learns over time to enhance predictive modeling.
  • Report on what parameters were most predictive for a given offer.

Efficiently manage and modify marketing strategies

  • Distinguished by an easier-to-use, role-based user interface.
  • Designed for ease of use and management to allow the marketers to be self-sufficient.
  • Provides robust features that put control directly in the hands of the marketer for quicker setup, modification, execution and reporting.

Scale the system

  • Provides high performance and consistent handling of thousands of transactions per second with millisecond response times.
  • Configurable to allow system to be optimized for individual deployment requirements.
  • Factors more robust pattern recognition into real-time decisions by integrating with IBM Opportunity Detect.
  • Delivers specific product recommendations for even stronger marketing appeals when integrated with IBM Product Recommendations.
  • Designed to integrate into and leverage your entire marketing ecosystem, supporting redundancy and high-volume throughput across channels.

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