IBM (Unica) Marketing Operations

IBM (Unica) Marketing Operations gives marketers enterprise class collaboration and planning tools to complement IBM Campaign.

With IBM Marketing Operations, formerly Unica Marketing Operations, marketers increase their efficiency by gaining better control over their budgets and processes. IBM Marketing Operations helps marketers align resources to objectives, streamline production processes, track budgets and expenses, and improve team collaboration.

IBM Marketing Operations, formerly Unica Marketing Operations, is enterprise marketing resource management (MRM) solution that provides powerful project management capabilities to manage marketing activities effectively and efficiently. Marketing Operations allows marketers to collaborate, share insights and automate marketing programs and approval processes in a centralized system to deliver effective marketing campaigns. Marketing Operations increases the return on investment by accelerating decisions, eliminating redundancies and identifying enhancement opportunities across the marketing program ecosystem.

IBM Marketing Operations offers features that:

  • Bring the work of those who plan campaigns and those who execute them together into a single, collaborative environment.
  • Manage all aspects of marketing expenses from cost center definition to purchase order generation to invoice processing.
  • Define budgets, create budget versions and compare before finalizing define performance objectives, then adjust plans as needed over time and see the impact of dialing spend up and down.
  • Manage all of the organization’s digital assets in a secure asset library with powerful custom attribute tracking, graphical views and version control.

Some key Marketing Operations features are:

  • Integrated campaign planning and execution
  • Expense management
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Digital asset management



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