IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud

CLEARGOALS specializes in IBM Tealeaf  Customer Experience on Cloud to help customers drive exceptional customer experiences using data science.  Now available via a traditional SaaS model, Tealeaf on Cloud is more affordable for companies of all sizes.  CLEARGOALS recently expanded its Tealeaf and data science practice to meet the growing demand for this critical technology.


Why is customer experience so important?

The answer is competitive pressure.  Regardless of the industry you operate in, your company faces unprecedented competitive pressure from the web.  The nature of how consumers (business or retail) research and buy online and now, via mobile and social channels, is rapidly changing.  The notion that competitors are only a click away has never been more true than it is today.  Marketers are facing the the fact that the consumer they will sell to has grown up on the web and in social environments, using predominantly mobile devices.    These consumers expect great experiences and interactions with you and if they don’t get them, revenue leakage loss of customer loyalty is the result.

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Digital channels are tremendous revenue engines for B2C and B2B companies. Yet they’re also the culprit behind revenue leakage when customers click away after encountering problems with transactions, navigation, browser incompatibility, promotion codes, customer service and more.

To make the most of the e-commerce channel, it’s essential that your business have on-demand visibility into problems that customers experience with websites and mobile apps. It’s not enough to simply quantify high drop-offs in form submission or shopping cart checkout.
With capabilities for qualitative analysis, you can rapidly pinpoint the “why” behind customer problems before serious damage is done to revenue and customer satisfaction.  This is where the data science kicks in. One of the most rapidly growing skillsets today is data science and having access to data science professionals is crucial to understanding the massive amounts of data generated by online channels. CLEARGOALS is heavily focused on this and our Tealeaf experts whether its on premise via the cloud are ready to assist your marketing team to harness the power of big data to build the right customer experience.

More about IBM Tealeaf on cloud

IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience solutions give your business the visibility, insight and answers needed to consistently deliver a seamless and rewarding web and mobile experience. IBM Tealeaf uniquely captures all data behind each interaction to enable you to uncover potential negative trends and discover the sources of struggles.

Key features in IBM Tealeaf CX on Cloud include:

  • Event Manager
  • Report Builder
  • Workspace
  • Session List
  • Session Timeline
  • Session Search
  • Session Replay

Key Benefits

  • Increase revenue by eliminating obstaclesto conversion
  • Reduce customer churn with astreamlined experience
  • Decrease IT costs with swift issue identification and resolution
  • Minimize customer complaints via call center and email
  • Achieve rapid time to value and minimize IT overhead with SaaS delivery

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