IBM Journey Analytics

IBM Journey Analytics is part of the IBM Customer Experience Analytics suite of solutions. CLEARGOALS is a leading service and solution provider and direct reseller of IBM Journey Analytics.  Journey Analytics is part of the IBM Marketing Cloud.

Journey Analytics is the first solution to visualize and analyze the paths customers take, over time and across channels. This powerful analytics solution allows you to create a comprehensive, common view of the customer journey over time and across devices fills a real need, leading to crucial insights.

Analyze and View the Customer Journey over Time and across Devices

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Use embedded journey analytics in IBM Marketing Cloud for better results

  • Learn who your customers are, what they are doing, what they want, and how and when to reach them to win more business and drive loyalty.
  • Make better decisions and deepen customer engagement with purpose-built analytics.
  • Get quality leads by understanding prospect behavior and scoring on that behavior.
  • Effectively manage and nurture your leads, maximizing your marketing budget.

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Using Journey Analytics in conjunction with Journey Designer will help you gain faster time to ROI

  • Increase agility through a cloud-based digital marketing platform that integrates more easily with other customer data sources and applications.
  • Immediately activate the IBM Cloud infrastructure that provides a production system, test environment and disaster recovery of your marketing data.
  • Discover a new way to collaborate and visualize customer journeys with IBM Journey Designer.
  • Connect data across your applications with IBM Universal Behavior Exchange, an open exchange that speeds time to market from weeks to one day; available at no additional charge.





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