IBM Opportunity Detect

IBM Opportunity Detect, formerly Unica Detect, can increase cross-sell and customer retention rates. It helps improve customer relationships through a better understanding of emerging customer behavior over time. It helps marketers build sophisticated event marketing programs that trigger personalized outbound communications quickly and with less effort.

CLEARGOALS has many years experience and expertise in ALL IBM Campaign products and sub-products dating back to Unica 4.x.  We continue to support, upgrade, implement and train on all IBM Campaign Products.

IBM Opportunity Detect enables you to:

  • Detect sophisticated behavior patterns over time across your customers’ online, offline and mobile interactions.
  • Create event detection rules quickly for a particular business or marketing objective.
  • Use near real-time and batch interactions to detect changes in behavior and respond with timely, relevant messages.
  • Take advantage of integration with IBM campaign management tools for faster execution of marketing programs.

Detect sophisticated behavior patterns

  • Identify opportunities to cross-sell by monitoring for signs of product interest.
  • Monitor and understand individual customer interactions to help determine a customer’s intent.
  • Detect downward purchasing trends and act quickly to improve customer lifetime value.

Create event detection rules quickly

  • Scale event-based marketing efforts with dozens to hundreds of triggers.
  • Create new event-based marketing programs quickly, deploying dozens of patterns for complex events.
  • Monitor various activities including transaction streams, location information, offer response and non-response, and voice response unit (VRU) and call center usage.

Use near real-time and batch interactions

  • Recognize quickly when customers are losing interest, enabling you to engage them and re-build loyalty.
  • Take advantage of IBM InfoSphere® Streams for fast and highly scalable processing of extremely large data volumes.

Take advantage of integration with IBM campaign management tools

  • Initiate faster execution capabilities by connecting directly with IBM campaign management and lead management products.
  • Work directly with IBM Campaign to use customer behavior to personalize your outbound marketing.

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