Industry Solutions

CLEARGOALS is a leading consulting and technical marketing services firm that is focused 100% on the IBM Marketing Software suite.  Our company specializes in implementing, configuration, training and providing advisory services for a number of key industry segments that align with IBM industry segment focus.  Our team of marketing technology consultants bring a diverse background from a variety of industries and use their practical, hands-on experience to help our clients get the most value from their IBM marketing technology investment.

Our industry segment focus includes:

  • Telecommunications

  • Financial Services

  • Banking

  • Retail

  • Technology

  • Transportation

When IBM needs to bring in experts in their products in certain industries, they often call on CLEARGOALS because of the long-standing, trusted partnership we have fostered with IBM.  Some of IBM’s largest deployments of marketing technology have succeeded due in large part to the industry expertise and technical prowess of CLEARGOALS.

We understand that one size does not fit all.  Each industry segment carries its own set of goals, regulations, challenges and marketing strategy.  Our strength lies in our ability to apply practical industry segment expertise to the solutions we implement for clients.


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