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CLEARGOALS offers complete managed services for IBM Tealeaf and is unique in the industry in that we provide data science as a service. Our expert team provides clients with continual support to ensure the Tealeaf implementation supports their business objectives and returns maximum value.

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Our Managed Service Offering

Don’t see exactly what you want? Contact us and we will customize a service package to fit your specific needs.


  • Cost Effective – CLEARGOALS delivers its managed service offering remotely from one of two centers of excellence in North America (Montreal and New York).   Our remote delivery model allows us to keep costs lower than traditional on-site models and enables us to provide high quality on-shore resources and an affordable rate.
  • Focused Expertise – Our team is 100% focused on developing a high level of expertise in all IBM Watson CX products.  Our regular training and certification ensures you’re getting the highest level product expertise at your disposal.
  • Flexible Hours– Whether you need a little or a lot of support, our managed service may be tailored to your specific needs and current internal resources.
  • Optimize Your Investment – a fresh set of eyes, experienced in the solution, may provide deeper insights into your data that your team many have overlooked. Our data science experts can ensure your solution is optimized to drive ROI

Our managed service offering is available to new and existing clients that leverage IBM CX on Cloud (Tealeaf on cloud) and provide a wealth of value and ROI for clients at virtually any stage in their CX lifecycle.

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FAQs about Data Science as a Service

Is your service primarily for new installations?

No! CLEARGOALS routinely works with companies who have been using the software for many months, and even years. Often times, we begin work with a client by performing a comprehensive system audit designed to identify areas for improvement and optimizing. We also back-fill resources when a client experiences employee turnover. Of course, we’re always ready and able to perform net new installs and are able to directly resell and support the software.

Can CLEARGOALS implement a connection between Tealeaf and other IBM software via UBX?

Yes, we have experts in many IBM products and are able to implement a customized solution to fit your business needs. There is a large number of applications in the IBM Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX) ecosystem, each with the ability to communicate with the others – CLEARGOALS can get data flowing from Tealeaf to your UBX-enabled applications.

How do you measure success?

During the Discovery phase of the implementation (or the audit phase for existing Tealeaf customers), we align the implementation vision to your business objectives. We define your web application Key Performance Indicators (KPI) within Tealeaf to support the strategic vision for how the application should support your business.

Can you attach a dollar value to the data Tealeaf returns?

Yes. Tealeaf can monitor a huge array of indicators of web application performance to which a dollar value can be attached. This data can then be analyzed for clues as to how to uncover more value from the web application. Additionally the data Tealeaf returns will not only be used for improving the web application, but also for organization-wide strategic planning resulting in additional ROI.


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