IBM Campaign (Unica) Upgrade Services

Upgrading Unica environments from one version to another is no small task. There are many related potential risks. When upgrading, customers need to make sure that they do not lose data, corrupt the environment, have the right expertise to use the new version, etc.

CLEARGOALS has been the go-to IBM Partner for over a decade to help leading brands bring their marketing environments up to speed and current version.

Items to consider for your IBM Campaign Upgrade


Before you install or upgrade any IBM Marketing Software product, you must ensure that your computer complies with all of the prerequisite software and hardware.  IBM SPSS Modeler Advantage Enterprise Marketing Management Edition replaces PredictiveInsight.  If you previously used IBM PredictiveInsight, you can no longer use the legacy Model and Score process boxes in IBM Campaign.

Backing up Campaign

You must back up your current installation of Campaign before upgrading Campaign. Backing up your current installation of Campaign ensures that you can restore your installation of Campaign to a known working state if any issues occur during the upgrade process. You can back up your installation of Campaign manually or automatically when you run the installers.

Exporting configuration settings

You can use the configuration settings of your current installation of Campaign for the upgraded version of Campaign. Use the IBM configTool utility to export your Campaign configuration parameters before upgrading. Specify and make a note of the unique file name and location of the exported.xml file that the configTool utility creates, so you can locate the file after the upgrade process is complete.

Pre-upgrade check utility

Before you upgrade IBM Campaign, use the preUpgradeTool utility to identify any issues or inconsistencies in the file system and database. Running the utility is optional, but recommended.

Upgrade log

acUpgradeTool writes processing details, warnings, or errors to a log file. You can adjust the location and verbosity level for the log file by editing the setenv script file before you run the upgrade tool. The setenv file is stored in the same folder as the upgrade tool.

Upgrade prerequisites for all IBM Marketing Software products

Meet all requirements for permissions, operating system, and knowledge correctly before you upgrade Campaign to ensure a seamless upgrade experience.

If you do not have the in-house skills and experience then going outside your organization and bringing in experts like CLEARGOALS is the right approach to making your IBM Campaign upgrade smooth. The CLEARGOALS team has been providing consulting services for Unica and its line of products since version 4.x. Upgrading from version to version is part CLEARGOALS specialization. The team always makes sure that new versions and upgrades are tested in our labs before we have to repeat the process for customers. The CLEARGOALS team works very closely with the related key groups at IBM to learn all that there is to learn about new versions so we can leverage the related information when needed and transmit the required knowledge to our customers.


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