IBM Marketing Software Implementation and Integration

CLEARGOALS is a technical marketing services firm that focuses on IBM marketing software technology.  As such, we provide a wide range Consulting Services to assist marketing and IT organizations in the implementation, integration and maintenance of all IBM Marketing software including IBM Omni-Channel Marketing(formerly Unica), IBM Marketing Cloud and IBM Customer Experience Analytics.  

We proudly staff North America’s largest pool of IBM Omni Channel Marketing resources and have built an extensive services practice around IBM Marketing Cloud and IBM Customer Experience Analytics.

About our IBM marketing software implementation and integration services

CLEARGOALS employees a time-tested best practice approach to deploying enterprise marketing technology.   We have thousands of hours of expertise deploying enterprise-class marketing technology including IBM Campaign (formerly Unica).  Our team employees many professional consultants who began as consultants for Unica prior to its acquisition by IBM. Our processes are modeled after industry best practices and years of practical experience The process is broken down into distinct phases as outlined below

  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Installation
  • Design
  • Development and Setup
  • Training and Testing
  • Production Planning and Transition

CLEARGOALS offers a traditional technology implementation services package that includes


CLEARGOALS Implementation Methodology

Data & Systems Integration

CLEARGOALS IT Integration Services provides specialized data integration services in building advanced Marketing Data Marts which effectively optimizes and renders the marketing data to be easily used within Campaign Management initiatives and strategies, optimizing data flows, resulting with on-target marketing efforts. Additionally, CLEARGOALS integrates its line of supported products with other systems used by its customers.

Our integration team are experts in API development for IBM Marketing software including IBM Campaign, Marketing Cloud, Analytics and the new UBX (Uniersal Behavior Exchange).  It is common knowledge that having a well integrated marketing technology stack will improve overall campaign performance and CLEARGOALS is a trusted partner for some of the leading brands world-wide in helping them connect theirs systems to drive ROI.


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